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Watch the lines folks

January 14th, 2021

Ever notice how things back up horribly in the mornings on westbound I-640 merging onto 40W? Doesn’t need to happen. The lanes are engineered to alleviate that delay- if drivers understand and act accordingly. At the merge the 640 lanes continue west for upwards of 2 miles. There’s a big wide white stripe separating 640 lanes from 40W travel lanes. This is intended to keep drivers merging up onto 40 accelerating up to speed without anyone merging right into the Papermill Rd exit lanes. Get traffic up to speed and it will thin out and allow all mergers to move without causing traffic to slow. Drivers who “jump” the wide line, especially those 40 westbound drivers who jump to the right in front of 640 traffic trying to get up to speed, cause the unnecessary backups. This same dynamic occurs at the 640 merge onto I-75 north. Drivers reaching the bottom of the ramp from 640W immediately want to jump left into the travel lane causing drivers coming from the eastbound side of 640 to brake and traffic to back up on the flyover. Totally unnecessary. If traffic would simply roll down the ramps staying in their lane and get up to speed approaching Merchants Dr. (which is also more than a mile away) all traffic could merge without anyone slowing.


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